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Donation details will be shared by Wogi with for processing and account creation purposes. Individual accounts will be created on if donors do not have an existing account. will be allowed to use donor’s information as indicated in our  NVPC Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions . In order to claim for tax deduction, a valid NRIC/FIN number and Name as per NRIC/FIN has to be provided. Anonymous donations will not be eligible for tax deduction. Do note that TDR eligibility is dependable on the charity’s IPC status and minimum tax deduction amount at the point when authorize the donation after payment is cleared. will not be able to transfer any donation records in our system if a wrong email address was provided in the file submitted by the Partner. There will be a lapse between the actual date of donation submitted and the date the donor receives the email. In the event of any dispute to the tax deduction period, all decisions made by the charities shall be final and conclusive.